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Employer Services

Temporary Staffing

Pay only for the services you need without the expense of a full-time employee! Be it an employee leave, overflow dictation, a trial-assistant, or a need for highly-specialized legal expertise, JurisTemps’ temporary professionals are available, at all skill levels, for both short- and long-term assignments.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing

The best hires often require knowing whether a given individual will be a good fit with a given team setting and within your law firm’s environment or corporate culture. Temp-to-hire staffing arrangements provide a perfect opportunity to evaluate an individual’s talent and on-the-job performance. It also enables you to address fast changing staffing needs without having to commit to a permanent hire until you are certain that a candidate meets your needs.

Direct Hire Recruiting

Partnering with JurisTemps can ease your hiring process and speed your search for the “right fit” and the most qualified legal professional. Allow us to wade through hundreds of resumes and conduct initial screening interviews, allowing you the luxury of viewing only the resumes that meet your specific criteria. Our recruiters can provide an on-site recruiting consultation designed to discuss and to ascertain your specific hiring needs. The best part – there is no charge unless you actually hire one of our candidates!

Project Staffing & Document Review

Litigation, Class Actions, Multiple Districts and/or Co-Defendants

Our temps can help you with privilege review and coding.


Our temps can help you with the glut of paperwork.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Hart-Scott-Rodino, 2nd Requests

Our temps can assist with due diligence.

Real Estate, Leases, Closings

Our temps can help with multi-site closings, lease reviews, abstracts.

Contracts Administration

Our temps can assist with review, drafting, negotiation, and management of contracts.

Compliance, Regulations

Our temps can help you research the laws in all 50 states.

JurisTemps has developed a proven expertise in staffing both electronic and hard-copy document reviews. Our flexible teams of 3 to 20+ attorneys and/or paralegals (based on your needs) allow law firms and corporate legal departments engaged in document-intensive cases to review large amounts of data in tight timeframes while saving thousands of dollars on the bottom-line.

JurisTemps’ project staffing services go well beyond the point of hire. Our recruiters remain fully-engaged with our clients during the project’s duration, and continue assisting by providing on-going project management, including, if so desired, first-day orientation sessions, team meetings and emails to facilitate communication, as well as on-site office hours for project employees, and team perks such as special treats and group lunches.

Our employees are screened for appropriate legal experience, reference-checked and conflict-checked, and our attorneys’ law licensure is verified with the appropriate Bar. Our recruiters will work with you to assemble the right team for your needs – including the type of legal staff you need (attorneys, paralegals, legal clerks), the quantity required (1 temp to 20 temps, etc.), required length of support (1 day to a week to a month or more), and, most importantly, the flexibility required as your project progresses (i.e.: add additional temp employees or reduce staff as needed).

Payrolling Services

Utilize JurisTemps when the need arises to payroll an existing employee or to bring on a new contract employee. Special rates are available. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to meet your payrolling needs.