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Temporary Jobs

Benefits of Temporary Jobs

  • Short- and Long-Term Assignments
  • Competitive Wages
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Variety & Choice!

Whether you are seeking to bridge an employment gap between permanent positions, to obtain a more flexible schedule, to gain additional experiences and an immediate paycheck, temporary positions offer a world of benefits. In fact, variety, choice, flexibility, and training continue to be cited by the American Staffing Association as key reasons why nearly 11.2 million employees in the United States every year opt for temporary employment.

Temporary jobs through JurisTemps are driven by our clients’ daily requests, and are available at all levels. They may be short- or long-term in duration. JurisTemps strives to offer the most competitive hourly rates on all projects. Due to the quick need to hire, many of these positions may not even post on our website.

JurisTemps is proud of its staff of temporary employees and we work hard to support their needs and advocate for their wages. Additionally, JurisTemps offers workers compensation insurance, unemployment benefits, as well as opportunities for software skill enhancement, resume-writing assistance and pre-interview coaching.

JurisTemps offers competitive hourly wages and strives to be your first choice for temporary legal employment in St. Louis!

Temp-to-Hire Jobs

Benefits of Temp-to-Hire Jobs

  • Start Immediately with Future Hire Potential
  • Evaluate an Employer’s Working Environment
  • Showcase Your Legal Skills & Expertise

Showcase your skills, talent, and legal expertise while on the job. Gain valuable insight into a law firm’s working environment or a company’s corporate culture – the knowledge and experience you’ll gain first-hand goes well beyond a simple interview.

Employers often need to address fast-changing staffing needs and temp-to-hire positions provide the best of both worlds – enabling a prospective employee to start immediately and to explore a law firm’s environment or a corporation’s culture all the while filling an immediate staffing need for the employer.

Competitive hourly wages and accrued benefits are offered to all of our employees. Although temp-to-hire positions do not guarantee “a hire,” this is your chance to make yourself invaluable during the process!

Direct Hire Recruiting

Benefits of Direct Hire

  • Confidentiality Guaranteed
  • Personalized Search Preferences
  • Your Advocate for Salary Negotiation
  • All-Skill Levels – Entry-Level to Advanced
  • Interview Coaching & Resume Assistance

Whether you are seeking a new law firm setting or prefer the in-house counsel’s office of a major corporation, JurisTemps can help you find the right position. Our recruiters have been networking legal contacts since 1997, thus providing the connections and confidentiality your job search requires.

Our recruiters are skilled at matching your experience level, salary requirements, and job preferences to prospective employers. Resume submission is the first step. Our recruiters will address your questions, discuss your search preferences, and consult with you prior to submitting your resume to any client.

Document Review & Team Project Opportunities

JurisTemps has developed a proven expertise in staffing both electronic and hard-copy document reviews. Our flexible teams of 3 to 20+ attorneys and/or paralegals (based on our clients’ needs) allow law firms and corporate legal departments engaged in document-intensive cases to review large amounts of data in tight timeframes while saving thousands of dollars on the bottom-line.

Prior document review experience and/or a working knowledge of an electronic database, such as Summation, Concordance, or Ringtail is always a plus. Project requirements may vary – while some projects require an active Missouri law license, other projects employ teams of paralegals and/or dictate other hiring criteria.

Given the fast-paced nature of large discovery projects, our recruiters remain fully-engaged with both our clients and our employees throughout a project’s duration. Our employees will be kept apprised of project-related developments and our recruiters’ doors are always open to address on-site job concerns and to assist with employment-related needs.

Resume Writing & Interviewing Assistance

We want you to put your best foot forward!

Our recruiters are experienced in the preparation of legal resumes. They are happy to assist with resume-related questions and interview preparation in conjunction with job leads obtained through JurisTemps. As legal professionals themselves, they know the field and its expectations of job seekers as well!