Legal Recruiting and Staffing Case Studies | JurisTemps

Case Studies

Take a look at some of our accomplishments. These staffing examples illustrate the depth, responsiveness, flexibility, and creativity of JurisTemps recruiting and staffing services.


Class Action Lawsuit

JurisTemps assisted one of downtown St. Louis’s largest defense firms in staffing a class action lawsuit. JurisTemps provided 18 project attorneys and the project spanned a period of almost 4 years. JurisTemps also provided clerical and office support to the client’s project manager.

Remote Project Staffing (Kansas City)

JurisTemps staffed an electronic document review project for a St. Louis law firm’s Kansas City office. JurisTemps’ 9 temporary attorneys worked in the St. Louis office and “met” with their supervisors via videoconferencing. In just eight weeks, the team reviewed 151,438 documents and 1,903,448 pages of documents – twice!

In-House eDiscovery Project

JurisTemps staffed the first large e-discovery project for a St. Louis corporation. The company was defending a lawsuit brought by 5 states. The team began with 5 attorneys, increased to 10 attorneys and, at one point, employed 24 attorneys. The project team reviewed a total of 1.3 million documents ranging in size from 1 to 1,000 pages. The client was pleased that the team “successfully accomplished all of [its] project objectives.”

Summer Secretarial Staff

JurisTemps has provided supplemental secretarial staff (up to 6 at a time) to several large downtown firms during the summer months. The added staff served as floaters and enabled the firm to accommodate first choice vacation dates to senior secretarial staff members.

Due Diligence – Purchase

JurisTemps provided 4 project attorneys and a paralegal to work with a large downtown St. Louis firm on due diligence for a proposed purchase at one of their major corporate clients. The law firm’s client was so pleased that it eventually hired one of JurisTemps’ employees on a permanent basis.

Due Diligence – Department of Justice Request

JurisTemps staffed a due diligence electronic document review project for a large downtown law firm to comply with a Department of Justice request. The project lasted 15 months, and the client added additional temporary attorneys in several phases. The number of temporary attorneys averaged 35, and for a period of several months there were over 40 temporary attorneys reviewing documents on-site. Several of the temporary attorneys relocated during the project and, given their outstanding past work product, were able to continue working on the project via the firm’s satellite offices.

Project Staffing – A Quick Turn-Around

JurisTemps was called at noon on a Thursday by a large downtown law firm to staff an electronic document review project beginning the following Monday. JurisTemps provided 13 attorneys – reference checked, license checked, and conflicts checked – and they arrived at the client’s premises at 8:30 on Monday.

Off-site Staffing

JurisTemps staffed and managed an asbestos litigation document review project located at the law firm’s imaging vendor’s premises. JurisTemps’ team of 3 temporary paralegals worked remotely from the client for close to 4 months; JurisTemps made regular visits to the off-site team and appointed one of its employees to serve as the “lead” liaison with the law firm.

Plaintiff Class Action

JurisTemps assisted a plaintiff law firm with a class action suit for over 6 months. It utilized 15 paralegals and law school graduates to review hard copies of myriads of documents.

Real Estate Paralegals

JurisTemps was contacted by a large St. Louis corporation and asked to provide a paralegal with real estate contract experience for a long-term project. The paralegal would assist with preparation of property legal descriptions, document exhibits and proofing of maps against legal descriptions. Our client gradually added 3 more paralegals to the project which lasted well over a year. JurisTemps was responsible for conducting criminal background checks and drug testing on all paralegals prior to start date.

Document Review Project

JurisTemps provided 12 paralegals to a large St. Louis law firm for a 6 week document review project. All paralegals had prior doc review experience and at least 5 years of legal experience. Received request from client a week before start date!


Part-Time Attorney (Temp-to-Hire)

A St. Charles County law firm wanted a temporary attorney to work long-term on a temporary basis 20 – 40 hours a week. JurisTemps placed a temp who, after 2 ½ months, was offered a full-time associate position.

Outsource An Appellate Brief

A law firm asked JurisTemps to provide a temporary attorney to prepare an appellate brief. The firm was so impressed with the candidate’s skills that it hired the candidate as a full fledged associate 3 ½ months later.

Float Legal Secretaries

JurisTemps has provided temporary float legal secretaries for 3 consecutive summers to a large St. Louis law firm client. This has resulted in at least one permanent hire at the end of each summer.

Patent Application Project

JurisTemps provided temp file clerks to a large St. Louis law firm. Client requested clerks to be technically savvy, advanced in Word and offer prior patent experience. Project involved clean-up of patent applications and lasted over 6 months.

Bankruptcy/Foreclosure Clerks

JurisTemps provided a St. Louis County law firm with recent paralegal graduates for bankruptcy/foreclosure clerk positions. The positions assisted attorneys and paralegals with the processing of bankruptcies and foreclosure files. Three to five paralegals were hired every 2-3 months over a period of one year.

Direct Hire

Corporate Counsel – In-House

JurisTemps was one of several staffing firms interviewed by a large St. Louis company to assist in its search for an additional Corporate Counsel. After meeting with the President and Vice President of Legal, JurisTemps was selected to partner with the company. JurisTemps worked closely with the corporation’s legal and human resources departments and eventually reviewed close to 100 resumes. Three months after receiving the order, JurisTemps placed an attorney, who, according to the client, “had the relevant background and whose personality fit the company’s culture and its legal department.”

Direct-Hire Law Firm Partner

Clayton firm was looking for a partner with a portable book of business. JurisTemps was able to source and place just such an attorney; attorney had a $300,000 portable book of business.

Plaintiff Attorney Recruit – Springfield, Missouri

JurisTemps placed a direct-hire attorney with a plaintiffs' law firm in Springfield, Missouri. The firm was so pleased that it rerequested JurisTemps' services 2 ½ years later to assist with finding another attorney. We subsequently filled that position as well.

Law Firm Associate

Large St. Louis downtown law firm asked JurisTemps to assist with its search for an estate planning attorney. 2 ½ months after receiving the order, JurisTemps placed a 3rd year associate with the law firm.

Contracts Managers

JurisTemps was approached by a very large healthcare company regarding its need for a senior level contracts manager. After a 1 ½ months search, JurisTemps had a senior level contracts manager in place at the company. The client was so pleased that it contacted JurisTemps for assistance 2 months later when it needed another contracts manager. JurisTemps was successful in placing the second contracts manager with the company.