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Fees & Guarantees

Temporary and Temp-to-Hire Fees & Guarantees

JurisTemps makes life easy when you employ one of our temporary legal professionals – hourly bill rates for our legal professionals are negotiated in advance, and we provide an immediate 8-hour guarantee on every hire!

JurisTemps' flat hourly rate includes the following: employee's wage, payroll taxes, withholdings, accrued employee benefits, worker's compensation, and unemployment insurances. Our employees are not permitted to work in excess of 40 hours per week without prior approval from our clients.

Should you wish to hire one of our temporary candidates after employing them for a time in your office, JurisTemps will provide you with a discount off of the direct hire recruiting fee. The recruiters at JurisTemps will work with you to finalize a temp-to-hire offer, to officiate a start date, and to finalize the payroll conversion. For more specific discount, fee, and guarantee information pertinent to your type of hire, please contact a member of our recruiting team.

Direct Hire Recruiting Fees & Guarantees

Direct hire fees are a percentage calculation of the employee's base starting salary. Minimum fees are available for part-time hires, and our extended guarantees on direct hires are some of the most generous in the industry. We are committed to offering exceptional staffing services at a fair price to St. Louis firms and local corporations and with our top-management accessible, we promise to meet your needs and your budget.

Does Outsourcing Our Legal Professionals Really Save Us Money?

Humor us with a brief calculation. Add together the cost of the average number of employment advertisements used per position, the cost of online web and job-board posting fees, and incorporate the value of your time spent reviewing resumes, interviewing prospective candidates, checking references, and negotiating salary and benefit packages.

Now, call JurisTemps, and let us take the stress out of recruiting. Our placement fees will be equal or less than the recruiting dollars you spend in-house. We'll provide the candidate screening, background and reference checks per your request, up-front salary expectations, and we'll arrange the interviews. We'll serve as your liaison in the hiring process and assist with all aspects of the interviewing and offer process. Effective recruiting is more about how you choose to spend your time, not your dollars.