To show our appreciation for a job well done, JurisTemps works hard to support its employees. JurisTemps is pleased to provide the following benefits:

Holiday Pay

As your work hours on JurisTemps' payroll accrue, you may become eligible for holiday pay on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day. Holiday pay is equal to eight hours at your current hourly rate.

Anniversary Bonus

JurisTemps is pleased to offer a special bonus (equal to 40 hours worked at your average hourly rate) to those employees showing a long-term commitment and meeting the required work hour minimum.

Accrued Profit-Sharing

Employees meeting minimum work hour requirements will automatically qualify for JurisTemps' profit-sharing program!

Direct Deposit

To make your life easier, JurisTemps offers direct deposit for payroll purposes. To receive an application, please contact a recruiter.

Referral Bonuses

Employees can qualify for a variety of referral bonuses when a referral of a qualified candidate leads to the candidate’s temporary or permanent employment. Refer qualified colleagues, friends, or family members to JurisTemps — receive a bonus when your referral leads to a JurisTemps placement! If your referral is placed in a temporary position via JurisTemps within one year of your referral, you will receive a $125 bonus after they have successfully completed at least 240 hours. If your referral is placed in a direct hire position via JurisTemps within one year of your referral, you will receive a $500 bonus payable after 90 days from hire. (For a direct hire referral bonus, our client must have paid their invoice and the candidate must remain in the position at least 90 days.)


The key to a successful job search is a well-prepared resume. To schedule a resume consultation with one of our legal recruiters, please call the office for available times.


Whether it's your first interview or your first interview after many years in a successful position, JurisTemps is pleased to offer interview-coaching sessions. Led by a professional recruiter, these sessions are geared towards answering your questions and preparing you for the actual interview. Call ahead to schedule an appointment.